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Never be contented with your study; never be impatient with

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 颠三倒四confused disorderly
  雕虫小技insignificant skill
  调兵遣将move forces
  调虎离山lure the enemy away from his base
  掉以轻心treat sth. Lightly
  顶天立地of indomitable spirit
  独具匠心show originality
  独树一帜develop a school of one’s own
  独一无二in a class by oneself
  断章取义garble 、quote out of context
  对牛弹琴whistle jigs to a milestone 、Cast pearls before swine
  对症下药suit the remedy to the case
  多多益善the more the better
  脱胎换骨thoroughly remould oneself
  恩将仇报、以怨报德 、忘恩负义 bite the hand that feeds one
  尔虞我诈each trying to cheat the other
发人深省set people thinking
  发扬光大carry forward
  翻山越岭tramp over hill and dale
  飞禽走兽birds and beasts
  废寝忘食forget food and sleep
  分道扬镳part company,each going his own way
  分化瓦解disintegrate 、divide and demoralize
  纷至沓来come in a continuous stream
  奋不顾身dash ahead regardless of one’s safety
  愤愤不平be indignant
  丰富多彩rich and colorful
  丰功伟绩great achievement
  丰衣足食have ample food and clothing
  风花雪月sentimental writings of the exploiting classes
  风马牛不相及be totally unrelated
  风靡一时be the rage
  风起云涌like a rising wind and scudding clouds
  风雨同舟stand together regardless of situation
  风雨无阻in all weathers
  锋芒毕露make a showy display of one’s abilities
  逢场作戏join in the fun on occasion
  逢凶化吉turn ill luck into good
敷衍了事 do things carelessly; attend to a matter negligently -- without due care; be half-hearted about one's work; be slipshod in work; do sth. in a perfunctory manner; finish a job carelessly; give a lick and a promise; gloss things over; go through the motions (of); make a muddle of one's work; muddle through one's work; muddle with one's work; negligently finish up a matter; play at; shuffle through one's work; skimp through one's work so as to be done with it; work perfunctorily
釜底抽薪take a drastic measure to deal with a situation
  赴汤蹈火、出生入死go through fire and water
覆水难收spilt water cannot be gathered up again 、It is no use crying over spilt milk
实事求是seek truth from facts; be practical and realistic; be true to facts
说曹操,曹操到Talk of the devil and he comes。
实话实说speak the plain truth; call a spade a spade; tell it as it is
实践是检验真理的唯一标准Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth。
山不在高,有仙则名'No matter how high the mountain is, its name will spread far and wide if there is a fairy; '
韬光养晦hide one's capacities and bide one's time
糖衣炮弹sugar-coated bullets
天有不测风云Anything unexpected may happen. a bolt from the blue
团结就是力量Unity is strength
“跳进黄河洗不清”eve if one jumped into the Yellow River, one can not wash oneself clean--there's nothing one can do to clear one's name
歪风邪气unhealthy practices and evil phenomena
物以类聚,人以群分Birds of a feather flock together
往事如风'The past has vanished (from memory) like wind.; What in past, is past.'
望子成龙hold high hopes for one's child
屋漏又逢连阴雨Misfortunes never come singly. When it rains it pours。
唯利是图draw water to one's mill
无源之水,无本之木water without a source, and a tree wiithout roots
无中生有make create something out of nothing
无风不起浪There are no waves without wind. There's no smoke without fire。
徇私枉法bend the law for the benefit of relatives or friends
新官上任三把火a new broom sweeps clean
虚心使人进步,骄傲使人落后Modesty helps one go forward, whereas conceit makes one lag behind
蓄势而发accumulate strength for a take-off
心想事成May all your wish come true
心照不宣have a tacit understanding; give tacit consent; tacit understanding
先入为主First impressions are firmly entrenched。
先下手为强catch the ball before the bound
像热锅上的蚂蚁like an ant on a hot pan
现身说法warn people by taking oneself as an example
息事宁人pour oil on troubled water
喜忧参半mingled hope and fear
循序渐进step by step
一路平安,一路顺风speed somebody on their way; speed the parting guest
严以律己,宽以待人be strict with oneself and lenient towards others

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    Never be contented with your study; never be impatient with
    第四部分 颠三倒四confused disorderly 雕虫小技insignificant skill 调兵遣将move forces 调虎离山lure the enemy away from his base 掉以轻心treat sth. Lightly 顶天立地of indomitable spirit 独具匠心show originality 独树一帜develop a school of ones own 独一无二in a c~~
    Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop
    第三部分 吃里扒外live on sb. while helping others secretly 痴心妄想、胡思乱想wishful thinking 叱咤风云ride the whirlwind 愁眉苦脸pull a long face snoot 臭名远扬,臭名昭著flagrancy, notorious 出口成章have an outstanding eloquence 出奇制胜defeat sb. by a sur~~
    It is such a delight to have friends coming from afar.
    第二部分: 安居乐业live and work in peace and contentment 白手起家build up from nothing / build up from scratch /start from scratch 百里挑一one in a hundred / the cream of the crop 百折不挠be indomitable 半途而废give up halfway leave sth. Unfinished 包罗万象all-embracing~~
    Consider the past you shall know the future
    Consider the past you shall know the future~~


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