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Section 1: English-Chinese Translation(英译汉)

Part A Compulsory Translation(必译题)

If a heavy reliance on fossil fuels makes a country a climate ogre, then Denmark — with its thousands of wind turbines sprinkled on the coastlines and at sea — is living a happy fairy tale.

Viewed from the United States or Asia, Denmark is an environmental role model. The country is "what a global warming solution looks like," wrote Frances Beinecke, the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, in a letter to the group last autumn. About one-fifth of the country's electricity comes from wind, which wind experts say is the highest proportion of any country.

But a closer look shows that Denmark is a far cry from a clean-energy paradise.

The building of wind turbines has virtually ground to a halt since subsidies were cut back. Meanwhile, compared with others in the European Union, Danes remain above-average emitters of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. For all its wind turbines, a large proportion of the rest of Denmark's power is generated by plants that burn imported coal.

The Danish experience shows how difficult it can be for countries grown rich on fossil fuels toswitch to renewable energy sources like wind power. Among the hurdles are fluctuatingpolitical priorities, the high cost of putting new turbines offshore, concern about publicacceptance of large wind turbines and the volatility of the wind itself.

"Europe has really led the way," said Alex Klein, a senior analyst with Emerging Energy Research, a consulting firm with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Some parts of western Denmark derive 100 percent of their peak needs from wind if the breeze is up. Germany and Spain generate more power in absolute terms, but in those countries wind still accounts for a far smaller proportion of the electricity generated. The average for all 27 European Union countries is 3 percent.

But the Germans and the Spanish are catching up as Denmark slows down. Of the thousands of megawatts of wind power added last year around the world, only 8 megawatts were installed in Denmark.

If higher subsidies had been maintained, he said, Denmark could now be generating close to one-third — rather than one-fifth — of its electricity from windmills.

Part B Optional Translation(二选一题)

Topic 1 (选题一)

ONE DAY in February 1926 an unknown American writer walked out of a New York snowstorm and into history. An important piece of that history is now in danger of being lost forever, caught in the controversy over the US trade embargo against Cuba.

The unknown writer was Ernest Hemingway, and the New York office he walked into was that of Maxwell Perkins, the most famous American literary editor of his day.

It is difficult to conceive -- 80 years and an incandescent literary career later -- the idea of publishing the 26-year-old Hemingway was a big risk. Hemingway had not yet published a novel. Indeed, his only published fiction consisted of a few short stories and poems, mostly inobscure Paris literary journals.

Yet Mr. Perkins, as Hemingway was to call him for years afterwards, even after they had become close friends, took the risk. On the spot, he offered Hemingway a deal included a generous$1,500 advance on an unfinished, unnamed novel that Perkins had not even seen.

Hemingway and Perkins began a correspondence that lasted for 21 years, until Perkins's death in 1947. A number of those letters are now housed in Cuba, at Finca Vigia, where Hemingway lived longer than anywhere else.

But the house is in danger of collapse.

A group of Americans is trying to save the house and its contents. Yet the US government won't let them.

The Treasury Department recently turned down the Hemingway Preservation Foundation'sapplication for a license to permit its architects, engineers, and consultants to travel to Cuba to research a feasibility study to help the Cubans save Finca Vigia. This denial, which iscontrary to the letter and spirit of the law, is being appealed.

Topic 2(选题二)



Section 2: Chinese-English Translation(汉译英)

Part A



Part B

Topic 1





Topic 2





Section 1: 英译汉

Part A 必译题










Part B 二选一题

Topic 1 (选题一)


这位不知名的作家就是厄内斯特 海明威,而他走进的纽约办公室是他那个时代最著名的文学编辑麦克斯韦尔帕金斯的办公室。



海明威和帕金斯从第一次通信开始一直坚持了21年书信往来,直至1947年帕金斯与世长辞。其中大量的信件都保存在古巴的Finca Vigia,海明威在那里呆的时间比任何地方都要长。



美国财政部最近拒绝了海明威维护协会的申请,该协会在申请中要求允许该协会的建筑师,工程师和咨询人员可以到古巴进行可行可行性研究来帮助古巴人民拯救Finca Vigia。由于这一否决违反了法律条文和精神,正受到起诉。

Topic 2(选题二)



Section 2: 汉译英

Part A

From the Opium War and the First Sino-Japanese War after the 1840s, China's War on Foreign Invaders 1900 to the Japanese War of Aggression against China in 1930s, China was subject to the butchering of the then strong powers in the West and East and their extremelybarbarian economic depredation. This, coupled with feudal corruption and years of successive civil strife and chaos, led to the loss of China's sovereignty and the horrendous suffering of her people, her national strength failing and people barely surviving. The grave disasters and the harsh facts have ingrained deeply into the Chinese nation the value of peace and the importance of development. Such a historic experience has shaped the psychology of the Chinese people in our quest for peace and hope for stability, consolidating our belief in following a path to peaceful development.

After the founding of New China in 1949, we have made arduous explorations in the course of our development, going through both the joys of success and the frustrations of failure. Starting from 1978, China has embarked on a new journey of transforming from a planned to a market economy, from cloistered up to opening up, from exclusive self-sustaining tointegration into globalization. By following a path of building socialism with Chinesecharacteristics in an independent and self-reliant manner, we have scored glorious achievements that attracted worldwide attention. Practice has amply demonstrated that it is right to adhere to a path of peaceful development, as it conforms to both China's reality and the trend of the times. China will unswervingly march onward alongside this path to peaceful development.

Part B

Topic 1

When I came from Beijing to Shanxi, the only person I worried about was my mom in hometown. She was blind and had nobody around, and was counting her days in the world. To part from her was the most anguishing to me, and the only way my mother could conveyherself to me was through these tiny stamps.

As mom was blind, her letters were all written by other, with stereotyped contents. But the stamps were exclusively sticked by mum through effort-making feeling. She had stamped a pile of envelopes in preparation for use so as not to add troubling labor to others.

Each time I received a letter from mum, I would always started to stroke the stamp on upper right corner of envelope because it had been sticked by mom by her bare hands. It was regularly sticked, but never beautifully done with upside-down picture because my mother was so blind that she sticked it all by feeling. On these stamps, mom’s fingerprints remained, mom’s caring carried and mom’s scent omitting. Once I stared at them, my eyes brimmed over with excited tears.

These stamps were substitution for my Mom; and my understanding to stamps stemmed from them.

Topic 2

A new CRH (China Railway High-speed) bullet train made its debut at Shanghai South Railway Stationin the early morning of January 28,2007. It announced the beginning of a new epoch of China's railway industry.

The new CRH bullet train, which can travel at a top speed of 250 kilometers an hour,is currently running at a speed of 160 km/h. A total of 200 passengers,who witnessed its first run from Shanghai to Hangzhou,were deeply impressed by its high speed, stable operation and wonderful travel experience. The exterior and interior decoration is in line with international standard,providing passengers with a superior feeling of traveling. The keyelement of its speed improving is the high-tech locomotive,which the weight of it has been cut in half compared with the traditional ones for reducing power consumption.

Apart from the passenger-oriented design of the new CRH,customers can also expect better service for their enjoying ride. With the approach of the Spring Festival,the fullimplementation of the CRH bullet train can be expected to relieve the high congestion of railway travel so as to make the travel faster and more convenient.

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